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Overall Rating
"The driver was really personable. We were a little late leaving the restaurant. He did not mind waiting a few mins. Although some of us were the wrong side of 60 we loved the party lights and music. "  on 18-Feb-2018
"Excellent service. Taxi was on time and the driver was very curteous. Nice clean taxi as well."  on 17-Feb-2018
"Great driver, reasonable price, always use your service wouldn’t use another one"  on 15-Feb-2018
"Everything was simply excellent. Would use the same service again.."  on 22-Jan-2018
"Polite driver. Clean car. "  on 20-Jan-2018

Achieved the highest level of customer services
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Testimonials Average rating is 4.7/5 based on 344 reviews

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ROBERT SMITH  on 18-Feb-2018 Verified Rider "The driver was really personable. We were a little late leaving the restaurant. He did not mind waiting a few mins. Although some of us were the wrong side of 60 we loved the party lights and music. "
SIMON WATERFIELD  on 17-Feb-2018 Verified Rider "Excellent service. Taxi was on time and the driver was very curteous. Nice clean taxi as well."
RHIANNON J  on 15-Feb-2018 Verified Rider "Great driver, reasonable price, always use your service wouldn’t use another one"
SHEILA SOLGAARD  on 22-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "Everything was simply excellent. Would use the same service again.."
LINDA MCCOMBE  on 20-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "Polite driver. Clean car. "
KATE WATERS  on 18-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "Would use this company again ."
MARY-ANN WATERS  on 18-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "Very accommodating after I had to change my pick up times due to a meeting finishing much earlier than predicted."
DOUGIE CLOKE  on 07-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "Brilliant service. Really nice driver"
DEIRDRE RANDALL  on 06-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "Great service, on time, good communication and reasonably priced"
LENA JOHNSEN  on 30-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "On time, good service."
CHRISTOPHER ROBATHAN  on 22-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "The bmw booked never turned up. We called to be told the company doesn’t have any BMW’s. They sent a car 20 mins late after a phone call. The return car didn’t turn up at all . A desgusting service we won’t use again . On the return journey a lady said the bmw turned up we were outside from 13.00 15 mins early so one lied prob the second as she said the bmw turned up but we went there despite a normal taxi turning up at about 13.30 . She said they knocked despite the fact we were told they didn’t have a bmw . The return never turned up 30 mins after the return was booked for we had to make other arrangements"
KONSTANTINOS PAPADAKIS  on 22-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Everything was perfect! Friendly and professional driver."
STEVE MASLIN  on 16-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "All good "
MARTHA-ELLEN EVEREST  on 05-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "The driver was very polite and friendly. Picked us up time and Got to the destination in great time. Overall good experience and so grateful for being able to book this last minute."
PETER HONESS  on 01-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Good experience....Driver helped with the bags and very prompt. No worries!"
MARK HAGEN  on 20-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent pick-up, driver had checked the airline arrivals and realised that my flight was early and so.. came to the airport early to pick me up. Great work."
PAUL MONHAM  on 19-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "!"
MARTYN BOILING  on 22-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service from Call a Cab Eastbourne. Punctual pickups from home and the airport, comfortable clean car and friendly driver. What more can I ask for from a taxi company? Have used this company before and will do again."
PETER ELSON  on 21-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Thoroughly reliable as usual ! Highly recommended."
KATH MORRISON  on 16-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "On time, nice pleasant driver and got us home safe and well. Will use again."
ARTHUR OATES  on 09-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Bang on time - clean vehicle - nice driver - will use again"
JAMES CRONE  on 05-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent"
MARION MILLIS  on 03-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Taxi arrived on time. Driver very helpful. Was a pleasant journey home and made a lovely end to my son's wedding day. Will definitely recommend your site and will be using you again. Thanks."
MIHAI PICIOR  on 26-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Great service."
DAVID BARROWS  on 18-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "It seems that the driver was not to blame, but it was disconcerting that the taxi was 5 minutes late, inducing anxiety"
BARNEY POUT  on 04-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent experience all-round. For both journeys we were met by our driver (Adi) on time and his friendly manner and professionalism was first class throughout. We will definitely book again for our airport trips and have been using the company ever since for trips around Eastbourne. Brilliant!"
ANTONIO SALAZAR  on 03-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "I would prefer the driver don't check your mobile phone while driving"
ANTONIO SALAZAR  on 29-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Great!"
SAM CURTIS  on 29-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service and communication. Very prompt Thoroughly recommend the service"
KEVIN EGAN  on 28-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Clean, comfortable cars and very helpful drivers. It was unfortunate that the the first pick up was very late and that the car was experiencing mechanical problems. "
LINDA MCCOMBE  on 25-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "On time. Pleasant and friendly "
LUCIE RELF  on 07-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Taxi booked and paid for in full on 03/08/17 for 05/08/17 with full addresses provided for the pick up location and 2 drop off locations. On Time - The pick up time was meant to be11:30pm (as requested by the host of the evening). Other taxi services managed to keep this time. This service did not. At approximately 11:45 we called to find out where the taxi was, to be unhelpfully informed that the driver was filling up with fuel. The taxi finally arrived at 11:57 - 27 minutes after the requested time. Your Driver - The driver offered no apology for his lateness. He also appeared to have a personal hygiene issue which required my window to be open throughout the drive. The Journey - The driver asked how to get out of Hailsham, as he didn’t know the area. This was surprising as the pick up location was in Hailsham so he managed to get to this location but not know how to get back to Eastbourne. Overall - this service was recommended to me by a friend (who was also in the vehicle and later apologised for this recommendation). I found it to be a very poor service which will not be used again. I shall also be recommending others not use this service. "
TARA PLATO  on 07-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "My driver was one-time and very pleasant!"
THOMAS MORRIS  on 04-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "The taxi that I booked was taken by somebody else. would like to have the taxi that I booked to pick me up not having to order another one"
LAUREN ISAAC  on 30-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Both drivers were early and happily waiting for us. They were both very professional but friendly and are an asset to your team. I wouldn't hesitate booking again. "
JANET SCANLAN  on 27-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "great Thank you."
SALLY MORGAN  on 27-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Efficient service"
VERONICA GEORGE  on 23-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "No taxi turned up, although it was booked early and pre-paid.I phoned call-a-cab and they said they had never received the booking from Taxicode. They fixed for a driver from another company to pick us up as we were stranded at Stansted airport and my husband is disabled. After we had waited 2 hours at the airport, the driver from the new company took us part of the way then insisted on me paying an extra £50 otherwise he would be out of pocket (which I did, I could not risk being stranded on the M11). So I paid £183 altogether. The service was appalling, so stressful on us and unprofessional of the driver. I think I deserve a £50 refund at the very least."
DAVID JAKINS  on 23-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Extremely poor taxi company. Taxi had been pre booked in advance but taxi didn't turn up! Felt been lied to on the phone as they said taxi was on the way. Had to resort to using our own transportation to get to the station in time so wouldn't miss the train! "
IONA TIBBITT  on 23-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Really easy to book and very prompt. Thanks."
CHARLES TRAYMAN  on 23-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Very good"
DIANA RYAN  on 22-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "lovely people I always use them"
MARCEL BAUMANN  on 22-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect"
JAN SVOBODA  on 22-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Driver came on time. During the journey has decided to change the route and not drive through Elizabeth Bridge, to avoid pay 2,50 GBP. So we draw through London, which take 45 minutes longer. While entering the airport, he missed the Drop off location and draw to central parking, so we lost another 10 minutes. This caused a lot of stress for us."
KIRAN KAUL  on 18-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "We booked a cab on Saturday and Sunday online. One was confirmed straight away the other wasn't and a quick call to the office and it was all sorted and confirmation sent. On both days the driver was on time and they were happy to amend our journey in the Sunday to a later time. The drivers and all employees I spoke with on the phone were friendly and helpful. We had lots of bags on the Saturday as 4 of us were going to the beach and the driver taking us there and picking us up Both helped us load and unload everything. On the Sunday we were in fancy dress as pirates and the taxi driver there and back were both good fun and made us feel less embarrassed haha! All four cars we travelled in over the 2 days were pristine and smelt that way too! Thank you for making our weekend hassle free and for offering a great service :)"
BARBARA HUTTON  on 17-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Superb service. From booking to getting picked up and dropped off everything very professional. Would certainly use again if ever in the area and would certainly would recommend. "
LINDA STUBBINGS  on 17-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Great. Driver was so friendly and kind. He had an unexpected journey to crowborough, but was very professional and i arrived when i planned. Many thanks for your help and i will definitely book you again."
SAMUEL IMBER  on 15-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Great travel. Disappointed the driver tried to charge my friend, after I had already paid by card. A good service and hopefully a genuine mistake. "
DAVID BACKHOUSE  on 10-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "I was unable to us you due to unforeseen circumstances,but was extremely pleased with the courtesy shown by your response to me over the telephone. Thank you. I will be using you again."
ELISA CZERNY  on 09-Jul-2017 Verified Rider ". "
THOMAS MORRIS  on 04-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "The driver was nice and helpful"
OLIVIA PAVEY  on 28-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "The driver was extremely pleasant and did the job perfectly. Thank you for the amazing service."
STEVE ULLMAN  on 26-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Driver on time and v pleasant. Overall a good experience"
DR SIMON HORWELL  on 21-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Amazing, reliable service as always. The friendly driver collected me on time, took me to my destination, waited for one and a half hours for me and then drove me back home. A+++"
ROBERT GAUSDEN  on 21-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "A really friendly fun driver who arrived promptly and drove extremely well."
DANIEL ROBERTS  on 20-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Good reliable service, will definitely use again. Price very reasonable to."
MARGARET MAINES  on 10-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service with helpful, friendly drivers."
PHILIP GEARING  on 09-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Sebastian was excellent, in very wet and unpleasant conditions. Lots of roadworks to navigate through. The only downer was we could not find him when we came into the concourse. Very friendly and affable chap. Would use him again."
PAUL ELLEN  on 08-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Turned up 10 minutes late and went the wrong route but everything fine in the end. Nice polite driver and we arrived to station in plenty enough time."
NORMAN LINTOTT  on 06-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service and notifications of your arrival ( albeit the pick up was 1/2 hr early ) "
KIERON DRAKE  on 05-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Very helpful and friendly. I would definitely use them again."
EDWIN TOFT  on 02-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service "
VERONICA GEORGE  on 11-May-2017 Verified Rider "We were very pleased with the service. "
E SUTTON  on 08-May-2017 General Feedback "Easy to use, but credit card surcharge did NOT appear when I booked. It should be made clear at the time of payment, not simply in FAQ."
CELINE RACZINSKI  on 07-May-2017 Verified Rider "Driver was friendly, quiet music in the background, didn't bother me with too much chit-chat. Enjoyable trip, would use again!"
ROLAND SMITH  on 01-May-2017 Verified Rider "Pick up was a little early. But great service"
ROLAND SMITH  on 30-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "ok"
DEBORAH HAYES  on 30-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent Service. Lovely car polite personable driver. Would definitely use again."
DAVID HEWINGS  on 21-Apr-2017 General Feedback "We would like to thank Tony29 for treating our guests Derek & Helen Pellatt like royalty when they attended the Hampden Memorial Service at Felpham on Easter Saturday. They have asked me to pass on their heartfelt thanks. David Hewings, Secretary, RAFA Branch 381 Bognor Regis"
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 13-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect. "
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 13-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 13-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 12-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 12-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 11-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 11-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 10-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
DEAN CHRISTMAS  on 10-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Amazing find with this site. Booked for someone else, and you never know the level of service, but can confirm that the taxi arrived on time, the driver was helpful and friendly and drove with care as he had two young children in the vehicle. "
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 08-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect. "
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 07-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "The driver was 25 min late, and no-one ever warned me there would be a delay."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 07-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 06-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 06-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
L  on 05-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service - thank you"
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 05-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "The driver was 30 min late due to a road accident (I was duly warned but nevertheless waiting outside for 30 min was not very convenient)."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 05-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 04-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
COLIN SLINN  on 04-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Daniel really helpful. Great service, will use again"
CARL FILLERY  on 04-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "On time easy to book, will use again"
SHANE LARKIN  on 04-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Great service will use again, thank you"
SHANE LARKIN  on 04-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Best booking service used to date. Great service with amendments to booking times. Will use again."
CARL FILLERY  on 04-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Easy booking, great service with amendments to booking times. Will use again."
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 03-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect. "
MIKHAIL VERSHKOV  on 03-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All perfect."
LOTHAR DOBROWOLSKI  on 24-Mar-2017 Verified Rider "All very good"
PAUL HOARE  on 25-Feb-2017 Verified Rider "Superb service all round.."
DAVID ELLIS  on 23-Feb-2017 Verified Rider "Really good experience and stress free. Both drivers we had were really competent and we enjoyed our trips despite the mass of traffic on the roads."
GRANT CROWHURST  on 18-Feb-2017 Verified Rider "Pretty much on time for both pick up & return"
JEREMY LE TISSIER  on 13-Feb-2017 Verified Rider "Q"
RICHARD WATERHOUSE  on 02-Feb-2017 Verified Rider "On time, clean car, good driver, did what it said on the tin, and have now downloaded the APP. "
STEVE CROSSLEY  on 28-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "There was a minor misunderstanding about the return pick up location but other than that very satisfied."
CECILIA CATTER  on 22-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "My driver was on time and very helpful and attentive. Had a nice long chat on the way to my destination. Very pleased with the service, would definitely recommend. "
HOLLY DACI  on 17-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Very good that I could pre pay online - one less thing to thing about! Definitely will be using the service again."
GRANT CROWHURST  on 16-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Very pleased both drivers were friendly & well on time "
LEE ALSWORTH  on 13-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Lovely, friendly, helpful drivers both to and from Gatwick. A special shout out to Matt, who very kindly returned my mobile phone which had fallen out of my pocket on the trip home from the airport! Thanks so much!"
JEAN BREMER  on 07-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "I am going to use again so would recommend this company."
TREVOR HOMEWOOD  on 07-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "It was excellent. We needed to change our pickup date and that was done without any problems"
CAROLINE KELLY  on 06-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Done"
TONY YOUNG  on 01-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Very good service all very straight forward .thank you "
OLIVIA O CALLAGHAN  on 01-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Booking was easy and smooth ride...thank you!!👍🏻😋"
JIM HILLAGE  on 01-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Very good service all round. Thank you"
RICHARD BARROW  on 26-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Right on time on Christmas Day at 22.30!! Even though booked in October ! Driver pleasant mannered in a comfortable taxi directly to our hotel! Very pleased with the service, would recommend to anyone!"
ALLAN GRANTHAM  on 26-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Driver was on time, messaged me prior to arrival always a good thing. Excellent service provided "
GILLIAN CORNWELL  on 22-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Thank you for our taxi service, the driver Thomas, was courteous, helpful and respectful, it made my life so much easier travelling to the airport with my mother. Thank you So pleased we have booked our return journey with you too Happy Christmas to you all "
PETER ROBINSON  on 18-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Grear service. Excellent driver"
PAUL ROUND  on 16-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Very efficient service. James was professional, polite and hepful. Thank you! "
RUBEN FERREIRA  on 16-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "It was a good travel :) We asked to return earlier and it was possible. "
IAN HUNTING  on 14-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Slept most of the way."
FRANCIS SAUZE  on 14-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Good service and very helpful. Thanks for your help, my parents make it on time to the airport after train problem. "
MARTYN BOILING  on 08-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "The call a cab driver was on time, polite and friendly, a comfy car and smooth ride. Easy arrangements for return pick up from airport too. This is the 3rd airport run we have booked with this company and all have been excellent."
MARK EVEREST  on 07-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "A very pleasant journey, the car arrived promptly and the driver was friendly - couldn't be bettered."
ROLF GMEINDL  on 06-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "Thank you so much i'll be using your services again."
JANE CARMICHAEL  on 30-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Arrived absolutely on time. Very pleasant driver. Comfortable car. Thank you. Will certainly use your company again."
GRANT CROWHURST  on 20-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Overall another good experience & will continue to use Taxicode , has never let me down ."
SUSAN MASINI  on 18-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Daniel and Jim were great, regular communication, would highly recommend."
PETER FRAMINGHAM  on 16-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "punctual and pleasant conversation"
STEPHEN BARTLETT  on 14-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "The guy was on time at pick up and also at the airport. He drove safely and in comfort and was a pleasant man. He id not talk unnecessarily."
ANTONIO SALAZAR  on 08-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "All perfect!"
DANIEL DE DIEGO  on 05-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Couldn't be better.Highly recomended."
LISA WADDELL  on 03-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Waiting for me on time, friendly and safe driver. Would recommend and use again! Thank you"
IOANNIS KATSAROS  on 24-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent service. On time, very helpful, quick and safe back and forth Eastbourne - Gatwick Airport. Would use again and 100% recommended. "
HELEN BENNETT  on 22-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "Courteous and patient driver. Good journey. Very good value booking."
KIRSTIE VINE  on 17-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent service. On time and nice and easy. Many thanks. Would recommend and use this service again. "
ANTONIO SALAZAR  on 13-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "All perfect. On time and kindy driver."
DAVID STEELE  on 12-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "Second time we've done this journey through the same provider and both times have been faultless."
DAVID LEVESQUE  on 02-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "Different driver each way so comments are general. Both journeys good, might be worth mentioning that not all passengers enjoy music in cars. Return driver unfortunately delayed because of traffic, but otherwise good."
CLIVE WORMALD  on 30-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "Efficient, timely, friendly and well driven, excellent."
CAL CHESTER  on 25-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "All great, a friendly driver and much cheaper than alternative quotes. Would happily recommend to anyone."
JAN HOLDEN  on 12-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "prompt excellent service, would use again."
SALLY ROCUANT  on 08-Sep-2016 Verified Rider " I would certainly call taxicode again as i am delighted with their service... both drivers were very polite and made me feel so safe . they drove me to my destination in perfect time and the cars were very clean and comfortable ... both drivers were very professional and i would recommend them to anyone ... well done and a big thankyou especially travelling to Heathrow Airport and back. "
ANGELA RUSHWORTH  on 07-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "A very nice driver. Thank you."
JANET SCANLAN  on 07-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "this was the first time we have used the service, and will be repeating it in the new year. our driver was superb, and arrived early for home pick up. Thank you."
GEORGE DE WINNE  on 27-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "Great"
KERRY BROWN  on 25-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "An excellent service from driver taking us to the airport and I would rate him 5 stars on all the above aspects. Disappointingly it appeared that our booking for our collection from the airport on 24th Aug hadn't been allocated to a specific driver so we had to wait an additional 45 mins for collection from the airport. The driver who eventually got given the job did phone us to let us know what was happening - so good service from him just a let down to what had appeared to be an outstanding service from you."
JAMES PYETT  on 20-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "I was pleased that your vehicle arrived promptly and at my destination the driver seeing my mobility problem gave me his arm and assisted me into the club.The return driver was on time and the whole journey was a good experience,Thank You."
KEITH MARTIN  on 08-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "Good service. Was a little late at first pickup but there was a genuine reason so can be excused. "
EMMA BAKER  on 05-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "I really like the idea of this app, but it worked out a lot more expensive than just calling a company direct. Because of this, I called and cancelled this taxi hours before it was due, which was all fine. But yet I've still been charged through the app, so now I have to call up again to try and get it sorted. I probably won't use the app again because of this."
JACKIE CARPENTER  on 10-Jul-2016 Verified Rider "He was efficient and prompt."
GEOFFREY SPILLER  on 19-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "The driver was just a few minutes early which for an airport trip is nice as you do not have to start worrying about whether the car will arrive. The driver was nice and chatty and a good driver and I will use you again."
MYRTLE MARTIN  on 18-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Totally 5 star experience! Impeccable service and especially my lovely driver who was so polite and helpful, I will use you again! Thank you"
MARK EVEREST  on 01-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Cab arrived on time & driver was pleasant, however the whole deal was let down by a ludicrously high card fee of £2.50 which is hidden right up until checkout!!!! How can a fee of this size be justified when the actual processing charge charged by the bank would be no more than 22p - A complete Rip-Off. "
MARK EASTON  on 31-May-2016 Verified Rider "Very efficient and charming driver."
ROMAIN APPOLINAIRE  on 29-May-2016 Verified Rider "Nice driver on time!"
DEBORAH SIMMONDS  on 23-May-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent service as usual. Many thanks"
CLARE ROWE  on 22-May-2016 Verified Rider "The driver to the airport was pleasant and helpful, but arrived needing to fill up the tank before we could leave. Driver on our return was excellent. We were late arriving but he waited and met us in a pleasant manner. Helped with suitcases. Drove well and made this a good experience."
ANTHONY PINNELL  on 22-May-2016 Verified Rider "Driver was early, polite and friendly ☺"
GINNY JEFFERIES  on 20-May-2016 Verified Rider "Your booking service is a rip off! The cab service was excellent. The driver had forgotten that I had pre-paid and asked me for the fare of £2.70. That is what the journey should have cost me. Sure by booking a cab through you I expect to pay a booking fee - that I have no problem with. I paid by DEBIT card and not credit card, so why the £2.50 credit card charge?? No where is it made clear that there is a differentiation. I also find the 90p SMS charge a little high. Will not be using you again."
EVA O KARLSEN  on 19-May-2016 Verified Rider "Pleasant drive and very amiable driver :-) "
ALEKSEJS HVATOVS  on 18-May-2016 Verified Rider "Easy to book easy to use. Satisfied. Will use again and again. Ta. "
SPENCER ALLINGHAM  on 13-May-2016 Verified Rider "I have used this company a lot for trips to the station and they are very good."
MR D DAVIES  on 04-May-2016 General Feedback "An excellant service to the station , just what I needed at the end of the south Down's walk. Driver was very professional.Thankyou."
JOHN MCCLYMONT  on 02-May-2016 Verified Rider "Driver was on time and extremely helpful and courteous. A credit to your service which I would highly recommend and will definitely use again in the future."
PHILLIP PELLING  on 30-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "Great service"
LUCY TURNER  on 30-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "No problems"
PETER MARTIN  on 26-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "A service we can rely on to deliver with expertise"
LEIGH JONES  on 18-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "No complaints"
PETER DAVIES  on 18-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "Really professional service - thank you! "
VERONICA GEORGE  on 19-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "The driver was exactly on time and very helpful to my disabled husband."
GRAHAM COX  on 16-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent service and will definitely use again."
LUCREZIA CIVITA  on 08-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "I did not order a taxi on Tuesday. I ordered it on Monday "
ANDREW WATSON  on 22-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Friendly and helpful driver"
SARAH ALNAWAB  on 18-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "all are perfect the time is accurate and the car and the trip is so nice, thank you again. Regards"
LUCY TURNER  on 15-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "So convenient, second time I have used and both times worked well "
JAHMAL MITCHELL  on 10-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Driver went to another house and left had to call to rebook got new driver pleasant couldn't fault him but was late for my event."
JAHMAL MITCHELL  on 09-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Went well pleasant driver on time overal good experience"
TERENCE BANNISTER  on 31-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "Very Prompt and comfortable for both journeys. Meet and Greet doesn't seem to work properly because Airport charges for parking means that the drivers cannot afford to come into the terminal to meet you at arrivals. A quick phone call brought the taxi to the pick up area, but it seems that the airport doesn't really want any transport to work properly without it taking an unfair share of the fare! I have marked the journey down one point because of this."
LUCIA SANSONNE  on 31-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "Professional and goid driver . Nice chat! "
DR SIMON HORWELL  on 27-Jan-2016 Verified Customer "Always reliable. always good prices A+ service."
PETER ELSON  on 22-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "First class service , exactly on time. Driver was aware of road closures on route and adjusted accordingly ! Would recommend."
GRANT CROWHURST  on 18-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "Pick up to Hotel was dead on time , was the same driver who had picked me up 6 months earlier at Gatwick & he is great to chat to .Return the next morning & again driver was dead on time & also good to chat to."
HIDEYUKI BABA  on 07-Jan-2016 Verified Customer "Easy to book"
HIDEYUKI BABA  on 07-Jan-2016 Verified Customer "Easy to use"
ERNIE CASTLE  on 06-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "Cab arrived on time driver looked for us, it is a very difficult place to find, very good service Please use them. "
COLIN BENEY  on 03-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent service. On time, polite driver. Great service.Thank uou."
PAUL COLEMAN  on 30-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Excellent service. Very pleased. Will use again and will recommend to others."
KONSTANTINOS PAPADAKIS  on 29-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Extremely happy with both my two bookings. Very professional, polite and on time. Thank you! "
LYNNE  on 27-Dec-2015 General Feedback "complete rip off 10 minute journey on boxing day was double time 16 pounds, abit mean, no trains or buses so had no choice"
DR SIMON HORWELL  on 23-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "On time, helpful, friendly and efficient."
ERNIE CASTLE  on 19-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "So far the booking process has been very easy, If the pick up is as good we will be very impressed."
EMMA THOMSON  on 17-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Please can you make the booking for the taxi pick up at 1630 and not 1500 as the flight arrives at 1500... I did change this on the edit booking but somehow 1500 came back. Please ammend"
TERENCE BANNISTER  on 09-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Good Price and Easy to Book."
ANTHONY CLARK  on 08-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Really excellent service."
KATE CHAPMAN  on 06-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Punctual, polite and completely hassle free. Will very happily use your services again and recommend you to friends. "
ED SAMUEL  on 03-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "2nd time using this service and service was just as good. Can not recommend highly enough. "
ED SAMUEL  on 03-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Flawless service. On time. Received a text giving me details of drivers name/car. That was not expected, absolutely brilliant. Taxicode are now the only people I use when it comes to booking taxis. "
CHARLOTTE LACEY  on 02-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Really quick process and quoting system. Nice to know that you do really short distances. Will definitely be booking again! "
KEVIN DOWNEY  on 01-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Easy to book"
EDWARD WALLIS  on 29-Nov-2015 Verified Rider "Excellent service, all on time. Will use again in future."
EDWARD WALLIS  on 28-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Excellent, FAST!"
JAMES JOHNS  on 25-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Seems steeply priced as usually around £5/6."
AMANDA HELYAR  on 23-Nov-2015 Verified Rider "The ease of booking and personal touch gives me great comfort that my daughter is transported from Gatwick airport to Eastbourne College safely. Thank you very much. Amanda"
TOM MORAN  on 19-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Fast,efficient, competitive & easy to use"
EMMA WESTBURY  on 18-Nov-2015 Verified Rider "happy with service"
MICHELLE WILSON  on 05-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Good service."
ANDREW GARLAND  on 30-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "Have amended email address please send confirmation to Thanks "
NIGEL THOMAS JENKINS  on 24-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "Only mistake I made was to book the time a little late so we had to wait 25 minutes. The driver arrived on time and was very friendly and helpful and we had a comfortable drove to our home in Eastbourne. Thank you."
IAN BUDDEN  on 13-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "Really professional. Well presented car and excellent driver. Very pleased."
KATIE MAULE  on 12-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "Good"
TERENCE BANNISTER  on 12-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "Very satisfied with the service in general. The meet and greet didn't work out as we arrived earlier at the airport for the return journey that we had expected. A quick call to the company and this was resolved with the driver when he returned our call and he picked us up at an agreed location."
TERENCE BANNISTER  on 12-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "Very satisfied with the service in general. The meet and greet didn't work out as we arrived earlier at the airport for the return journey that we had expected. A quick call to the company and this was resolved with the driver when he returned our call and he picked us up at an agreed location."
GEORGINA PIKE  on 09-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "This was the first time we booked with your company, the service was excellent. When we got to the U.K. we changed our pick up location and it went without a hitch The driver was right on time the drive to Gatwick was smooth and the car was comfortable and clean and the driver was great. We also had a later booking for Heathrow that was also perfect. What a pleasure to deal with such a well run service. Thank you. "
GEORGINA PIKE  on 09-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "Amazing service, our driver Tony turned up 5 minutes early was the ultimate in perfect service, the car was spotless and comfortable. We booked this trip from Canada and paid in advance which made the booking all so easy. Tony was a fabulous driver, and the car was very comfortable. We would use you again every time we are in the U.K. Really appreciate the great service."
NICK STEVENSON  on 07-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "The driver arrived a bit early and called me to advise he was there, He was very friendly and helpful. The journey was comfortable, easy and enjoyable. Very happy with the service."
NICK STEVENSON  on 05-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "Very quick and easy to use."
DEBORAH SIMMONDS  on 30-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Very good all round, many thanks to you all"
NATHAN BRENVILLE  on 27-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Perfect! "
FRANCISCO ALVEDRO LOPEZ  on 23-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Driver on time inside the Gatwick's arrival section and with our name on paper. Very polite and helpful with us. The journey was extremely safe and fast. Even he knows perfectly our home address. Wonderful service and congratulations for your driver/company."
MARTYN BOILING  on 14-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Excellent service as always. On time, smooth ride and friendly drivers. Will continue to use for our taxi needs. "
GEORGE ARMSTRONG  on 11-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "The taxi we boomed didn't turn up so we had to call the taxi company to send us a replacement and because of this we were late for an appointment I won't be using this service again and wouldn't reccomend to a friend "
JENNIFER CERI MIDDLETON  on 07-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Great service, both drivers (there and return) were friendly and on time, and it was so nice not to have to worry about trying to find a taxi rank at the end of the night! "
S L HOWELL  on 06-Sep-2015 Verified Customer "Excellent service overall. "
STEVEN MORTON  on 04-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Good service, easy to book, competitive price and punctual service."
ANDREAS WEIDNER  on 23-Aug-2015 Verified Rider "We use call-a-cab taxis since several years. Their service is high level ! "
DEBORAH HAYES  on 21-Aug-2015 Verified Rider "Superb service, on time for both journeys, great cabbie, nice car and cheaper than parking at the airport, what more do you need ? "
BEN HANSON  on 15-Aug-2015 Verified Customer "it isnt clear whether you can change the time if you need to"
MARTYN BOILING  on 11-Aug-2015 Verified Customer "I have used this service several times without any problems. Taxi's have always been reliable and kept me informed of any changes too."
KAREN AUWKIT  on 31-Jul-2015 Verified Customer "This taxi firm is the best ever, I remember needing urgently a taxi to get to work and had no money they picked me up and took me to work 2 weeks later I paid them when I had been paid, what more could you ask for AWESOME! thank you"
THERESA BUTTERY  on 30-Jul-2015 Verified Customer "Price quoted before booking was £11.40 but when I had entered card details price was confirmed at £12.30......what a con!!!!"
MICHAEL LESLIE EARP  on 29-Jul-2015 Verified Rider "Excellent service."
JIMMY GOUGH  on 25-Jul-2015 Verified Rider "Driver was excellent."
TERRY PRICE  on 06-Jul-2015 Verified Rider "Great service, please I fell upon the site"
ANDY BRITTON  on 21-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "Driver was excellent, having had to wait as plane was late arriving and delays in passport control made us even later - Full marks, will definitely recommend to others and personally will use again"
JUDITH EDWARDS  on 20-Jun-2015 Verified Customer "You haven't yet replied to my last comments and question."
JUDITH EDWARDS  on 17-Jun-2015 Verified Customer "I just had to book my second journey on a new form as the page didn't give me the opportunity to book 2 journeys and now the credit card fee is 21p , but it was 38 p first time round. I object to having to pay twice when I want to book both together in one transaction. I tried to ring first but there was no answer and I gave up"
MAUREEN PATRICIA MCCLYMONT  on 09-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "Excellent service would not hesitate to recommend this service. will definately .. use again"
TOMMY HANSEN  on 09-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "A pleasant drive to the airport. A understanding driver who understood the meaning of being quiet 4 am in the morning 😊 "
TOMMY HANSEN  on 09-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "A pleasant drive to the airport. A understanding driver who understood the meaning of being quiet 4 am in the morning 😊 "
LUCY TURNER  on 31-May-2015 Verified Rider "Really easy to use, so nice to not worry about having the money for a taxi. Will use the service again. Thanks"
ANDY BRITTON  on 31-May-2015 Verified Customer "Very quick and easy to use, competitive price"
MARGARET CARROLL  on 20-May-2015 Verified Rider "This booking was made sometime before journey was needed to travel to gatwick - no hassle when we asked if we could leave earlier than we had booked. Taxi arrived on time - everyone - all 8 people boarded with help from driver putting cases on - perfect journey my family have said. Thank you very much."
SIAN COOPER  on 17-May-2015 Verified Rider "I found the driver drove very fast eg 60 down a 40mph zone once we collected the other passenger he did slow down . I was also charged £9.50 online which I prepayed the cab driver had his meter on and it came to £7.30 there was no offer of a refund for the difference. I was pleased to reach my destination. I use call a cab as I know they are safe and reliable but felt u easy about this journey and being a young female on my own I didn't feel like I could approach him about his speed. Sorry about the negativity usually I have no issues with call a cab "
ROBERT FEAR  on 12-May-2015 Verified Customer "Thanks :)"
MRS MARGARET MASSON  on 08-May-2015 Verified Rider "I have never before met such a happy, helpful and courteous taxi driver. I will happily use again."
ADRIAN VIGAR  on 04-May-2015 General Feedback "First time user (foreign)..trip Gatwick - Eastbourne..incorrectly booked twice - noted and corrected by company. Upon landing at Gatwick, I was contacted to confirm all is ok. Driver was also contacted by headoffice to ensure that my family and I were picked up and on route...excellent service...thanks!!"
MALCOLM CLARKE  on 18-Apr-2015 Verified Rider "Only delay was caused by me giving a slightly incorrect address. System worked very well, and I would definitely use again."
PATRICIA FITZGERALD  on 18-Apr-2015 Verified Rider "Excellent service thanks a lot"
VERONICA GEORGE  on 14-Apr-2015 Verified Rider ""
MALCOLM CLARKE  on 13-Apr-2015 Verified Customer "First time user. Booking fast and easy."
TONY DOUGLASS  on 06-Apr-2015 Verified Rider "Timely driver polite "
NIGEL ALBON  on 15-Mar-2015 Verified Rider "Good service, definately use again, fast and easy "
LISA WADDELL  on 20-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Efficient and ontime - friendly driver!"
MR R CURZON  on 16-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "first class service,nice drivers, great cars, would use this service again"
RICHARD WALSH  on 16-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Driver friendly, car fine m25 on pickup spoilt score."
STEVE WALLACE  on 22-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "Perfect in all ways !"
OLIVER CRANLEY  on 21-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "Easy to book and pay. Would use again and I will be downloading the app. "
GRANT  on 21-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "Perfect time keeping on both journeys & friendly drivers , slight misunderstanding on arrival at hotel as driver asked for payment but I had paid a return journey online which he had to verify by calling the office so a few minutes of bemusement for me , so such problem on return journey though"
MRS GEMMA NIA ROBERTSON  on 13-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "We where very happy with the journey and will book with you in the future many thank "
CHLOE DAI  on 01-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "very good service and good value for money. I would use it again."
B WHYMANT-MORRIS  on 29-Nov-2014 Verified Customer "So far very good and extremely easy to book online. I will wait to see if the taxi turns up on time."
SOPHIE TIPLER  on 17-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "The taxi did not turn up and none of the other taxi drivers that we had also ordered offered to call to find out where it was. We ended up having to pay extra to get home from our own wedding, when we had already prepaid for a taxi to take us home! No one tried to call me to confirm they were running late or that they wouldn't be coming! I would like a full refund. Very disappointed. Won't be using you again!"
CLAIRE LOCHER  on 17-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "Great ! Very nice driver, very clean car - I fell asleep which must mean I was feeling safe and comfortable. Thank you !"
JASMINE OATES  on 27-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Friendly drivers, not always on time"
JANE HART  on 27-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service, very good and curtuous driver "
ROBERTO BOTTINO  on 24-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Very kind and safe driver!"
RACHEL DAVIES  on 19-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service, will definitely use again. So easy to book and a perfect journey home. Thank you very much. "
CARRYL MELLOR  on 09-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "An enjoyable journey and professional service through trying traffic and weather conditions. Thank you."
MARTYN BOILING  on 05-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service. Punctual and friendly. Will definitely use again. "
MICHAEL PHILPOTT  on 02-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service all round."
MICHAEL MERCER  on 01-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "We are extremely upset & disappointed with our outbound journey to the train station. The driver turned up over 10-15 mins late & we didn't even receive a quick phone call to inform us. Instead we had to phone up. We then missed our train to the airport & had a long wait for the next one. It was a massive rush at the airport where we nearly missed our flight! The driver just didn't seem to care or even want to help with the bags. We are extremely disappointed & would ideally like a refund."
JOHN MCCLYMONT  on 26-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service provided by a very conscientious and friendly driver who arrived on time to take us both to and from Gatwick airport. I have no hesitation in booking again in future. "
MATT GARCIA  on 25-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Arrived exactly on time with a modern, clean comfortable exec saloon car. Friendly, helpful and conscientious driver focussed on getting me to my destination quickly and safely. Will definitely book again. Thanks."
ROB  on 14-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent driver Arrived on time, friendly, courteous and professional"
SILVIA SPANKOVA  on 11-Sep-2014 Verified Customer "I am happy with service provided by Call a Cub.Price is reasonable,always on time and friendly drivers.Hightly recommended"
ROBERTA PROVOLO  on 28-Aug-2014 General Feedback "Excellent!!! fantastic. "
ANDREAS WEIDNER  on 26-Aug-2014 General Feedback "We had a long drive from Stansted, the driver was in time and helpful, thank you."
ANDREAS WEIDNER  on 26-Aug-2014 General Feedback "We had a long drive from Stansted, the driver was in time and helpful, thank you."
ANDREAS WEIDNER  on 26-Aug-2014 General Feedback "We had a long drive from Stansted, the driver was in time and helpful, thank you."
CHRISTINE PARSONS  on 17-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "Very impressed. Will use this service again."
ROGER KNIGHT  on 15-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "Taxi arrived over an hour late & when it arrived I got a phone call asking me to find her at drop-off point when I'd paid extra for the meet & greet service option. Family were tired after a long day. Driver said lateness was due to an accident."
KEVIN GAUSDEN  on 06-Aug-2014 General Feedback "working overseas need reliably taxi company to pick me up on time on my return to the UK Eastbourne taxi do a great job for me on this front I regularly use them on the trips back to & from Heathrow airport "
CHRISTINA M GAYONDATO  on 01-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "Taxi arrived 3 hrs late!! Excuse ... Traffic accident on M25. Taxi driver wasn't very helpful at all. "
MRS ANNA MORSE  on 20-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Very good, would use this service again"
JOSEPH COX  on 06-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Great service would recommend and would use again! Thank you."
VIVIENNE COLEMAN  on 03-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service although our plane was late. Would highly recommend you. Thanks"
SARAH FLINT  on 01-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service. We will definitely use you again. Thank you."
HANNE  on 14-Jun-2014 Verified Customer "Very easy, and 10 GBP cheaper then the others I checked out! "
FRANK WOMELSDORF  on 27-May-2014 Verified Rider "Driver initially went to the wrong address so was 20 - 25 minutes late. Luckily I left myself a 30min buffer with the booking so still made it to my destination in time but it wasn't ideal."
PENNY BLANCH  on 06-May-2014 Verified Rider "Our journey to Heathrow was excellent. Driver on time and very helpful. No problems at all."
MARTIN NATHAN  on 18-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "All fine and professional."
DEBORAH SIMMONDS  on 16-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "Brilliant, very pleasant driver too."
DR KATHERINE SMETHERS  on 14-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "courteous driver, on time, great service"
JOAN GRAHAM  on 29-Mar-2014 Verified Customer "Easy to book Hope you are reliable!"
ANDY BRITTON  on 27-Mar-2014 Verified Customer "Excellent, only slight downside felt pressurised by timer counting down when inputting and checking details"
DAVID OFFORD  on 23-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "Taxi over 30 minutes late. Postcode into Sat Nav would have solved problem of driver being lost. Booking service very good "
REBECCA JOHNSON  on 20-Mar-2014 Verified Customer "nice & simple"
SYED ALI  on 06-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "taxi waiting perfectly on time, good driver, smooth and quick journey. very happy with the service"
MRS. S NEIL  on 03-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service. Driver was very friendly and called us on time to help us locate the car. We were new to the area so we were grateful for the help! We also received a text beforehand telling us which car to look out for and the reg number. Overall service was great and we made good time on the journey. Was a little pricey but worth the money!"
BRIAN ANDREWS  on 02-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "Smooth and professional"
BRIDGET PENROSE-LYALL  on 01-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "On time friendly helpful and careful driver . I would be happy to use this service again."
ALAN COOLE  on 15-Feb-2014 Verified Rider "This is a great service and it is not the first time I have experience this. Because I did not know a return journey time I had to telephone for a cab. I was amazed to receive a message on my phone to tell me that the cab would be with us shortly and told us what car to look out for, including the registration number. Fantastic. It occurred to me that this is a great service for lone female users who can be assured that they are getting into the right cab. Thanks again."
MARY GOODDEN  on 15-Feb-2014 Verified Rider "Thanks "
ELIZABETH BOWDEN  on 06-Feb-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent Service. Booking was easy and efficient. Driver was friendly and very helpfull. He was ready and waiting for us to come off the train. Thank you. We had a great week-end."
IAIN LOWE  on 29-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "Very efficient. Will use again."
SHELLEY LINDSAY  on 15-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "The service was very good."
BILL FILBY  on 09-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent service. Thank you very much. Driver was at the right place, spot on time, and put up with our singing all the way from Brighton to Eastbourne...!"
JANE JARRETT  on 09-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "The on line booking was trouble free and the driver was courteous and efficient. Thank you "
MR STEVEN J FOARD  on 08-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "No complaints at all. Professional and friendly driver (Mick) who made the journey time seem a lot quicker. Plus he knew some really good short cuts :) Bang on time both ways."
MRS HEATHER ADAMS  on 03-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "The driver was efficient & on time. He drove in difficult conditions. Thank you"
FRANCISCO ALVEDRO LOPEZ  on 28-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "The online booking was great, the driver was on time and the customer service by phone also was excellent. We will use this service al ot of times. Definitely!"
ELISABETH BIRCHALL  on 27-Oct-2013 General Feedback "Excellent service - as I was stepping off the train I received a text about taxi registration. Driver there on time, courteous, efficient, put my case in the boot, speedy safe drive home, good value for money. Very good experience."
HARI WILLIAMS  on 18-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "Great service. Thoroughly recommended. Clean car, smart driver. On time and at a good rate. Will use again."
ELISABETH BIRCHALL  on 17-Oct-2013 Verified Customer "Booking: Seemed straightforward to book and seemed a very fair price. "
LUCY TRIPP  on 12-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "Driver was 15 minutes late picking us up. I had left plenty of time for our journey so this didn't impact on our flight from Heathrow, but I still expect drivers to be courteous and arrive on time so as not to potentially delay further travel. "
MICHAEL MORLEY  on 12-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "This service was an excellent addition to our Holiday.The driver was extremely friendly and helpful and drove well. It was a real treat to be greeted at the arrivals hall with a smiling face and placard. We will be using your service again. Thank you."
ADRIAN RIDDICK  on 08-Oct-2013 General Feedback "Thank you for providing excellent service when picking up my sister at Gatwick airport. She came off a series of flights totalling 29 hours, and she was delighted to see your driver waiting at the arrivals hall with her name on the sign. Apparently the driver was extremely friendly and helpful. We will use your services again for sure. Thank You!"
MICHAEL PHILPOTT  on 05-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "Again, an excellent service despite driver having to wait a long time at Heathrow due to BA flight being very late and then Heathrow's very poor mobility assistance service. Our driver, car and journey were excellent."
MICHAEL PHILPOTT  on 04-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent service all round - thanks."
KARIN SCHULZ  on 30-Sep-2013 Verified Rider "wonderful service"
L ASHBY  on 29-Sep-2013 Verified Rider "The driver was really good. No loud music, smooth driving and a lovely comfortable car. We will definitely be booking this journey again soon."
MR J.R. WEBB  on 12-Sep-2013 Verified Customer "Such an easy way to book a taxi and pay for it in advance! Will be using again well done guys!"
GAVIN MCCAIN  on 29-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "brilliant, nothing was a problem, would definately use you again and have no hesitattion in recommending your company to family and friends, once again thankyou...."
CHARLOTTE NEEVES  on 26-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Fantastic service the driver was on time and got me to my destination safely and efficiently. I would definitely use again-Thank you "
ANDREAS WEIDNER  on 25-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Good price and kind service. Easy booking. We will use this service again. Thank you."
MRS JUNE BRENNAN  on 20-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Very happy with overall service.Easy to book,good price with no hidden costs.Punctual driver.Friendly driver .Website was easy to use and confirmed my booking.Would certainly use this service again and recommend it.Thankyou."
ALAN COOLE  on 19-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "What an efficient service. Simple to book and pay, and what's more, about five minutes before the taxi was due, I received a telephone call from the Taxi Office advising me that the taxi may be slightly delayed because of the traffic. (It was Eastbourne Airborne weekend). The Taxi was a few minutes late, but I have put it as being on time because of the phone call and the circumstances. A very friendly driver so all in all I will definitely use the service again. Thank you for good service."
NICOLA ATKINSON  on 16-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Very polite, well mannered taxi driver. Very happy with the service."
GABRIELLE STEPHENS  on 07-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "I was very happy with the service received. It would be even better if you used PayPal on your website."
RON BRENDER  on 31-Jul-2013 Verified Rider "Fantastic service Exceeded our expectations There is no other firm that can beat this team"
JENNIFER ALBERT  on 23-Jul-2013 Verified Rider "Fantastic service, price and an absolutely terrific, professional driver! Thanks!"
PINAR CLERKIN  on 30-Jun-2013 Verified Rider "Very relıable perfect servıce"
SHEILA AL-SHEIKHLI  on 24-Jun-2013 Verified Rider "Very satisfied with service. Thank you"
TREVOR PEIRCE  on 09-Jun-2013 Verified Rider "Very pleased with the service, easy to book, will use you again"
ROGER BLATCHFORD  on 25-May-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent"
MRS J MITCHELL  on 22-Apr-2013 Verified Rider "on time for both pick-ups. Pleasant driver and nice sized vehicle. Excellent service."
MAXINE GORDON  on 11-Apr-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent service. On time pick up and return. Would definitely use again."
MIKE SAN AGUSTIN MCCREA  on 09-Apr-2013 Verified Rider "In fact an excellent service, with a most helpful driver - made the journey from the south coast to the airport a pleasure!"
ALESIA PASKO  on 26-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "very good service A++++++++"
FRANCISCO ALVEDRO LOPEZ  on 04-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "Passed on punctuality, reliable and quick driver. Also very polite. The customer service was outstanding. Recommendable company "
JUNALYN CRUZ  on 30-Nov-2012 Verified Customer "good service"
STUART  on 12-Nov-2012 Verified Customer "Really easy to use the website, i liked the fact that when putting the destination, it comes up with popular destinations like stations, which is what I needed. "
NEIL HUNTER  on 11-Nov-2012 Verified Rider "Reliable service"
KARIN GIANNONE  on 10-Nov-2012 Verified Rider "Superb. Excellent service in every way. Will definitely use again. Plus friendly and flexible."
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